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Our Mission :

To provide cost competitive IT services at a level of client-satisfaction that leads to long-term partnerships.

In an extremely competitive IT market, every client has many options, so our success depends on the quality of our work. We must satisfy our clients in a way that makes us their first choice for each new opportunity.

Our Services

IT Networking

Clients in Japan require robust networking solutions more than ever as more and more people and devices require connection online anywhere, any time. Contact us for solutions that support gaming, streaming video, surveillance, foot-traffic analysis, and more.

IT Helpdesk

A helpdesk provider succeeds based on how well the service can be provided, and this depends on how well the communications system is set up. We understand the state-of-the-art of making remote helpdesk engineers available 24/7/365.

Software Development

Software development succeeds best when there is some understanding of business purpose. Oikotechno can work with high-level concepts in addition to specific coding objectives in order to deliver work that leads to the intended business results.

Data Processing

Whether you have a static large volume of data all in one place or a continuous stream of data from multiple sources, Oikotechno can provide the system that turns that data into knowledge, insight, and action, from point of entry, to storage, to analysis and customized outputs.

On-Demand Services

OIKOTECHNO JAPAN meets the high demand for fast and flexible solutions in networking, data center and office environments by providing experienced IT engineers. They are available on demand, from hourly to daily on a project basis. Whether you need our help in installing a few updates or in delivering a complex project on a global level, contact us for the best IT expertise you can get.

IT Engineering Excellence

What we do

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